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Happy 10-year Anniversary!
March 05, 2019

10 years – and a Surprise!

Today 10 years ago – on the first Tuesday of March 2009 – I published the first issue of this “Leader Newsletter”

10 years!
That’s a long time!

Some of you have been with me all this time.
Some of you subscribed just last month.
Some of you retired – and still continue to read this Newsletter (thank you very much!)

To celebrate – I will do two things:


I will give you direct links to the most popular Newsletter issue from each year – beginning 2009.


I am going to do something very special.


Here we go …

FIRST: Links to the most popular Newsletter issues

What do I mean by “popular”?

“Popular” means that these specific Newsletter issues got the greatest reaction from you – both positive unsolicited comments and questions about clarification and implementation.

However – in my humble opinion – “popular” doesn’t necessarily mean that these Newsletter issues are the most useful articles I have written for each one of these years.

This is why I also invite you to browse through the other articles from which you can learn a lot too.

OK – enough introduction – let’s go …


The most popular Newsletter issue in 2009 was a practical clear-cut distinction between leadership and management.

I answered the questions:

  • In essence – what does a leader do?
  • In essence – what does a manger do?


    In 2010 you “voted” for an extremely simple – yet – powerful technique that helps you to relax.

    If you do it properly – you WILL relax. Period.


    In 2011 the “winner” was a 10-item checklist about what to do to commit your direct reports to their work.


    In 2012 your favorite Newsletter issue was about a fundamental communication principle – that unfortunately – the overwhelming majority of the thousands of managers that I have worked with ignore.


    The most popular “lesson” in 2013 was about what to do when you get “stage fright” or “pubic speaking nervousness


    The Newsletter issue that got the most participation from you in 2014 was when I published your answers to my question: “According to you, what are the three most important leadership tools?”


    The most popular Newsletter issue in 2015 was about THE key and essential time-management principle.


    In 2016, how to set strategic goals consistently “won the race.”


    The difference between “advocacy” and “inquiry” got the most attention in 2017.


    And finally – in 2018 – how to lead from a non-leadership position was your choice.

    SECOND: BIG Surprise!

    I am going to offer to you something that I have never done before – ever.

    First: Most of you have been reading these Leader Newsletter issues for years. And even if you subscribed recently – this applies to you as well.

    Second: In just about every single Newsletter issue – I write about a practical leadership tool that you can use, apply – and generate results from.

    Hence – I am going to put forward to you this offer:

    I am going to give you my full attention, I am going to answer all your questions, and I am going to coach you – FREE for 30 minutes, via Skype.

    In exchange – all I’m asking from you is to hit the “reply” button – and answer these four questions:

    FIRST: What was your life like – and what were you specifically stressed about before you learned whatever it is you learned from me?

    SECOND: What exactly did you learn from me? What insights did you obtain when you learned it? What opened up for you?

    THIRD: What specific results did you obtain by applying what you learned from me?

    FOURTH: What is your life like now in this specific area – after you have applied and benefited from whatever it is you learned from me?

    This is it. Only these four questions.

    Now – if ALL of you replied to me, and I gave to each one of you 30 minutes of my time, I would need – literally – thousands of hours of my time.

    In other words – if ALL of you replied to me – it would be impossible for me to coach all of you.

    Therefore – I am obliged to select only 20 participants at my discretion.

    However, to the rest of you – who answer my four questions but don’t get my free 30-minutes of private consultation – I will send to you my brand new “Team Leadership Competencies, Principles & Formulas

    As its name implies – this documents lists all the competencies, principles, and formulas you need to build Sustainable HIGH Performance within the team you lead.

    I will publish this document later on this year in two places:

    First – I will publish it as part of an Online Course that I will launch in a few months from today. This Online Course will hold you by the hand and will teach you – step-by-step – how to build Sustainable HIGH Performance within the team you lead.

    Second – I will publish some of these principles and formulas inside a book that I expect to publish late this year or early next year.

    But you can obtain it for FREE if you reply to this email with your answers to my four questions here above.

    When you reply – please send me:

  • Your answers to my four questions
  • Three different dates & time slots
  • Your Skype user name

    Since you are from all over the world – I beg you please to send me time slots no earlier than 5:00 AM – and no later than 9:00 PM Central Time North America.

    Check worldwide times right here.

    I will coach you with gusto – but I also need to sleep. Thanks.

    I am looking forward to receiving your answers and chatting with you via Skype.

    I applaud you for your commitment to becoming a better leader.

    My Mission is to enable leaders worldwide build Sustainable HIGH Performance within the teams they lead.

    And my Vision is to Democratize Organizational HIGH Performance.

    So – what are you waiting for? Just reply back:
    Answer my four questions, send me your three dates & time slots, and your Skype user name –
    And get a FREE 30-minutes consultation with me – and/or my brand new “Team Leadership Competencies, Principles & Formulas

    Looking forward to speaking with you soon …

    Questions? Feedback?
    Reply to this Newsletter and tell me what you would like future issues to be about.

    Feel free to re-send this "Leader Newsletter" to your colleagues.

    And click here to see the entire "Leader Newsletter" Archive.

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    See you next month!
    Joseluis Romero - Publisher
    March 5, 2019. Copyright: All rights reserved
    I publish "Leader Newsletter" on the first Tuesday of every month
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