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3 Absolutely Necessary Performance Boosters
June 04, 2019

Being a Good Boss, Employee Development, and Trust

For years—once a month—I have been sending you practical leadership tools and techniques, to help you engage your direct reports with their work, to help you improve their performance, and to help you build a high performance team (the team you lead).

Today—for a change—I’m going to send you three articles that I didn’t write.

The first article is titled, “A Good Boss is better than a good company

This is a very short article about the importance of being a good boss.

A great boss delivers two outcomes in a consistent basis:

  • Results
  • High quality relationships

    Side note: It seems to me that the author uses this short article to promote her book. Nevertheless, this article is a very good quick read.

    The second article is titled, “How to lose your best employees

    This is also a short article, but about the importance of developing your employees.

    Unfortunately, a lot of managers are not purposeful about helping their direct reports grow.

    The truth is, most human beings crave growth—growth and development is in our DNA.

    And the third article is titled, “Want to build a high performance team? Start with trust

    This article talks about the direct relationship between trust and the bottom line—and some of the steps that the “Ariba” company had to take in order to build it within its culture.

    Being a good boss, employee development, and trust—three building blocks of any team with a sustainable high performance.

    These three quick reads will illustrate for you—in no unequivocal terms—how simple it is to build a high performance team of supercharged direct reports.

    I didn’t say easy—I said simple.



    I know you can do it—and you know you can do it too.

    Go for it!

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    Joseluis Romero - Publisher
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