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Productive meetings Vs. Time wasters
September 04, 2012

Productive meetings Vs. Time wasters

Have you been in a meeting where everybody said "yes" - but after the fact attendees ended up not doing what you thought they would do because they didn't understand the same thing you did?

This is a very common scenario:

People attend a meeting, discuss several issues - and after a long and exhausting debate, they finally reach an agreement. But as time goes by, people begin to realize that they didn't all understand exactly the very same thing - wasting in the process precious time, human resources and even cash.

There is a very simple - yet powerful - tool to help you overcome this widely found situation.

At the end of every meeting - once you reached an agreement - ask every single person in the room to paraphrase with their own words what it is they understood.

  • If there is no agreement yet - just continue the discussion
  • But if there is agreement - write it down


    Look at it as an investment. It will take just a few minutes of your time to go around the room to do this - but it will save you time, work - and even money.


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