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Is Performance Management Sexy? You bet!
July 02, 2019

Back by popular demand!

I always receive questions from you—my dear readers—about different topics.

One of the most popular subjects that comes up again and again—either directly or indirectly—is about how to lead the performance of your direct reports.

In other words—about “Performance Management”

Your questions give me the very same impression that I get from my seminar participants in my live trainings—meaning—you seem to have the belief that “Performance Management” is boring, complicated, and a mandatory task that HR forces you to do.

And nothing could be further from the truth!

Performance Management is a sexy 3-step process that helps you monitor, keep on track, and improve your direct reports’ performance.

So simple, that I wrote the word “sexy” in the title of this Leader Newsletter issue.

Side Note: I use the word “sexy” NOT in the literal meaning of the word of course. I use the word “sexy” to imply that Performance Management is much more attractive than most managers perceive it to be.

However, Performance Management is definitely not complicated, and here is why:

Performance Management has three activities ONLY:

1) Set goal
2) Monitor performance
3) Develop your direct reports

And each one of these activities has three steps:

Set goals:

  • Identify comprehensive and strategic goals
  • Make them crystal-clear
  • Help your direct reports commit to them


  • Give feedback
  • When necessary—have performance conversations
  • Only if necessary—use progressive discipline (with HR support)


  • Performance Appraisal
  • One-On-One’s
  • Delegate

    This is it!

    Simple, isn’t it?

    To take a closer look at each one of these activities—and by popular demand—I am going to refer you to this article that I wrote two years ago.

    The title of this article is: “Performance Management Made Sexy

    It’s a quick read where I show you that Performance Management is a simple process indeed—and to make it fun, I insist that it’s sexy too :)

    Take a look at it, and IF you have any questions—as always—please hit “reply” and let me know.


  • To the improvement of your performance!
  • And to the improvement of your direct reports’ performance!


    Read this article, and embrace Performance Management for good!

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    See you next month!
    Joseluis Romero - Publisher
    July 2, 2019. Copyright: All rights reserved
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