Do you know what the difference is between management and leadership? What is the essence of management; what is the essence of leadership? How similar or different are they from each other?

Do you need to know? Should you care? Think for a moment. What difference would it make to your professional life if you learned about this distinction?

With these questions, I’m trying to make you reflect on something that perhaps you haven’t had the time to reflect on, but that you need to think about in order to grow both as a manager and as a leader. By having a crystal-clear, clear-cut conceptual distinction between management and leadership, it will be easier for you to behave as a manager and become a better manager; it will also be easier for you to behave as a leader and become a better leader – knowing about this distinction, you would know what you are aiming for.

To give you an idea, I’ll just say this: Management deals mostly with the status quo – the existing state of affairs – with the immediate future. Whereas leadership deals mostly with change – the future state of affairs – with the long-term future.

Are they different? Sure they are – both require to learn, develop, and master a very distinct set of skills.

To learn more about this distinction, please visit our leadership versus management webpage.

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Jose Luis Romero, Publisher
June 2, 2009. Copyright: All rights reserved
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