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Two specific questions
September 05, 2017

Your main challenges within the team you lead

I always do my best to write articles that meet the needs of most of my readers: This is YOU - you are my reader.

It’s been a while since I asked you about your main managerial challenges, struggles, dilemmas, etc.

So …

I am going to take this occasion (Wednesday September 5th) to ask you two VERY specific questions.

It doesn’t matter if you read these two questions today - or if you read them on a different date. If you are reading these lines - please hit the “Reply” button and tell me your answer to these two simple questions.

My questions are for any boss who has direct reports. You can be a frontline supervisor, a manager, a director, etc. If you have direct reports, these questions are for you.

My questions are …

First question:

From the perspective of making out of the team you lead a cohesive, high performing team - what are your main challenges?

In other words - what is stopping you from making out of the team you lead (you and your direct reports) a well-oiled organization, where everybody trusts one another, helps each other, and rows in the same direction consistently?

Second question:

From the perspective of making out of ALL of your direct reports - employees who are highly engaged with their work, and employees who are highly committed to you as their boss - what are your main challenges?

One thing is to have employees who are engaged with their work - and a totally different thing is to have employees who are committed to you.

Engaged employees are your direct reports who go the extra mile, beyond what is required, and who give their discretionary effort to their work in a consistent basis.

Committed employees to you are your direct reports who trust you, respect you, and who would follow you if they could - if you went to work for a different company.

For example:

You may have engaged employees with their work - but not committed to you (they could easily go to work for somebody else).

Or you may have committed employees to you - but not engaged with their work.

You want both - engaged and committed direct reports.


So …

What are your main challenges building a high performing team - and engaging and committing your direct reports?

Hit the “Reply” button and let me know.

As always - your honest feedback will help me help you much better.

Thank you for answering these questions thoughtfully.

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Joseluis Romero - Publisher
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