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Team-building Unknown Principle
October 02, 2012

Team-building Unknown Principle

IF you are reading this Newsletter, most likely you belong to a team - you belong to a team either as a team leader and / or as a team member (the team where you report to your direct supervisor).

Either way, there is a Team-building PRINCIPLE that you must know.

Remember: A "principle" is is a fundamental truth that serves as the foundation for effective behaviors.

Let me ask you one central question:

What is the value that your team adds to the organization it belongs to?
I repeat:
What is the value that a team - any team - aggregates to its larger organization?

Yes - you may answer that the value that your team adds to your organization is to reach specific goals, to deliver results, and to help the company make money.

However, I am not talking about outcomes here.

I am talking about WHAT must happen between and among team members so that your team may reach such outcomes.

The value that your team - any team for that matter - adds to its organization may be divided in two:

First - its capacity to make decisions
Second - its capacity to execute such decisions

This is it.

This is the value that your team adds to your organization - and this is the team-building principle I want you to always remember.

As a team leader, you must focus on both:

You must make sure that your team consistently makes the best possible decisions.

AND you must make sure that your team consistently executes such decisions.


Keep this team-building principle in mind - and you will accomplish both:

1) It will be easier for you to build an effective team
2) AND it will be easier for your team to reach its goals.

NOTE: In the next couple of issues I will talk about what it takes for a team to consistently make the best possible decisions - and what it takes for a team to execute such decisions to the best of its abilities.

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Jose Luis Romero - Publisher
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