Pre-Program Questionnaire

Thank you very much for filling out this questionnaire:

  • Your information will help José Luis tailor his program to meet your objectives
  • Feel free to skip those questions that might be irrelevant to your group
  • Please email us a copy of the meeting program/agenda at your earliest convenience

    Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
    First Name*
    Last Name*
    E-Mail Address*
    Business Phone
    Complete Organization’s Name*
    Organization’s Website
    Event date
    What is the reason/purpose of this meeting?
    Conference Theme
    José Luis’ introducer name & title
    José Luis’ introducer e-mail address
    Starting and ending times for entire program
    Starting and ending times for José Luis' program
    What takes place before José Luis’ program
    (speaker, meal, workshop)?
    What takes place immediately after José Luis’ program (break / another speaker / nothing, etc.)?
    Top objective for José Luis’ presentation?
    Is there a particular message
    that you want José Luis to reinforce?
    Are there sensitive areas to avoid
    that you don’t want José Luis to mention?
    Are there any immediate past, resent or pending issues José Luis needs to be aware of?
    As a group, what are the top 3 strengths
    your people have?
    As a group, what areas of their overall working performance are ripest for improvement?
    Please list any specific industry jargon, in-house buzzwords, phrases/sayings, and/or acronyms applicable to your group that might be incorporated into the presentation
    Anything humorous José Luis should know about?
    What is the most recent "buzz"
    around the water cooler?
    Will you use image magnification (IMAG)?
    Will José Luis’ presentation be taped?
    If other speakers are on the program with José Luis, who are they and what are their topics?
    Number of attendees
    Female % and Male %
    Age range
    Spouses invited?
    What will the audience be wearing?
    How will they be seated?
    To get information about this event and this group in order to better tailor José Luis’ program to this meeting, may he contact the person responsible for calling this event (e.g., the executive who owns and sponsors the meeting, the trade association executive director, etc.)? If yes, please provide us with name and e-mail address
    Other people valuable for José Luis to interview (top executives, key managers that will be in José Luis audience, etc.) Please provide names with their email addresses
    Fly into what city?
    Recommended mode of transportation
    from Airport to Hotel
    Estimated time
    between the airport and the meeting’s venue
    Hotel name and full address
    Hotel phone number
    Confirmation number
    Distance from José Luis hotel to the meeting’s venue
    Venue’s name and full address
    Venue's phone number
    Meeting room
    If problems/emergencies arise on the way to the program, whom should José Luis contact?
    Please provide name, biz phone number,
    and cel phone number
    May José Luis invite a guest to sit on this program?
    Is there anything else that José Luis hasn’t asked, that you think he should know?
    Could you please explain?

    Please enter the word that you see below.


    Characteristics of Effective Leadership

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