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Decision-Making Effectiveness 1
November 06, 2012

Decision-Making Effectiveness 1

In the October issue of this Newsletter I talked about a critical team-building principle.

This principle states that the value that your team adds to your organization is its ability to consistently make the best possible decisions - and its ability to flawlessly execute such decisions.

In this issue I will talk about the key ingredients to consistently make the best possible decisions.

To get started, let me ask you a few questions:

What is the main ingredient in good decision-making?

The main ingredient in good decision-making is information.

And what is the main source of information in your team?

The main source of information in your team is the openness of ALL of your team members.

Have you ever been in a meeting where you rather don't speak up 100% your mind because you know that some people in the meeting think differently?

Well - that is not 100% openness.

And when your team members don't speak up their minds 100% - it means that your team might not be consistently making the best possible decisions.

What does your team need so that all your team members truly speak up with 100% frankness?

The key ingredient here is trust.

Without trust - it is unlikely that your team consistently makes the best possible decisions.

You see - there is a direct relationship between trust and decision-making quality:

The more your team-members trust each other - the better the quality of your team's decisions.

And vice versa: The less your team-members trust each other - the poorer the quality of your team's decisions.

The subject of my December Leader Newsletter will be "trust definition" - and how this definition plays a critical role in effective decision-making.

Stay tuned …

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