Organizational high performance has several pillars – one of them is the correct match between the job itself (any job in the organization) and the employee filling such position.

Executives must do 4 things to ensure such perfect match:

First, the position must be aligned 100 per cent with the strategy – if it is not, the employee in such position is not adding full value to the organization.

Second, once we know the position is a direct result of strategic needs, the position must have a job description, explaining the essential functions of the job – the essential functions are the basic tasks that are necessary for an appropriate performance on the job.

Third, once we know what are the essential job’s functions, we must make explicit the necessary hard skills and the soft skills that the employee must have in order to perform successfully on the job.

And fourth, once we know what are the key hard skills and soft skills necessary for the job, then we can do two things:

In case we already have an employee on the job, we determine the gap between the employee’s hard skills and soft skills and the job’s functions. And once we know this gap, we can close it with appropriate feedback, training, coaching, etc.

And in case the position is vacant, we must have an interviewing process in place that will allow us to hire the best of the right candidate – this is a must, unfortunately most organizations hire based on gut feeling.

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July 7, 2009. Copyright: All rights reserved
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