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Your own Integrity
February 05, 2013


In the last issue of this newsletter I talked about "interpersonal congruency" as a trust builder.

In this issue I will talk about another critical trust building piece within the team you lead.

This other critical trust building piece is your own "authenticity" as a team leader.

I will define your authenticity in behavioral language in order to be crystal clear ...

Three elements form your authenticity …

1) Your integrity
2) Your humility
3) And your vulnerability

Today I will talk about your integrity …

What does integrity mean?

Integrity is oneness.

Integrity is being consistent in …
- thought (what you think)
- word (what you say)
- action (how you behave)

When you have integrity - you are at peace with yourself as a result of living your own values.

On the contrary - when you are out of integrity, you develop …
- self-doubt
- self judgment
- low self-esteem

When you have integrity as a team leader - team members trust you.

When you are out of integrity - team members don't trust you.

It's that simple.

Who do you trust more?

A leader with integrity or a leader without integrity?

The answer is obvious - isn't it?

In this sense - your own integrity IS a leadership skill.

In this sense - your own integrity IS at the base of your team's performance (the team you lead).

In this sense - your own integrity is NOT negotiable as a leader.


Do you want to lead a top performing team?

If you want to lead a top performing team - you must be consistent in …
- thought (what you think)
- word (what you say)
- action (how you behave)

There is simply no way around it.

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Jose Luis Romero - Publisher
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