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Simple Key Ingredient to Become a Better Leader
August 04, 2015

Do you have the courage and discipline …?

This Newsletter issue is not so much about a practical tool as it is as about self-reflection on your side.

Self-reflection that will help you become a much more effective leader.

If you’ve been reading my previous Newsletters – you might’ve noticed that I often finish writing them with a “Conclusion”

And in that conclusion I often tell you that the tool I just finished explaining is simple – not easy – but simple.

Why do I say that?

Think about it for a moment …

You probably work in engineering, or in finances, or in research and development, etc.

Whatever area you work in – there is a lot of science in it, it is complicated – and for the same reason – it took you several years to become the expert you are today.

But when you take a look at management and leadership tools – you realize that they are NOT complex.

Rather – they are common sense.

They are simple.

I always tell you that management and leadership tools are simple – not easy – but simple.


It is not easy because it takes discipline, courage and persistency on your part to use the right management and leadership tools at the right time.

Discipline, courage and persistency are qualities that a lot of managers don’t always have.

What is the difference between being a mediocre leader and an effective leader?

The difference lies in your behaviors – behaviors that ultimately lead to desired results.

Management and leadership tools are behaviors – period.

IF you truly want to become a successful leader – and increase your effectiveness delivering desired results – all you need to do is to actually have the discipline and the courage to consistently use the management and leadership tools when it is necessary and appropriate.

That’s all.

Managers from different industries and from all walks of life pray that they want to become better leaders.

Are you one of them?

For example …

Do you always have the courage and discipline to give constructive feedback when it is necessary?

Do you always have the courage and discipline to delegate when it is appropriate?

Do you always have the courage and discipline to consistently and meticulously coach all and every single one of your direct reports?

Etc., etc., etc., …

You probably read my Leader Newsletters every single month – but do you actually apply what you learn?

If you do – genuinely praise yourself – you deserve it.

But if you don’t – ask yourself “why?” And be honest with yourself.


Management and leadership tools are simple – not easy – but simple (not complicated).

Do you have the courage and discipline to focus on the right behaviors at the right time in order to grow and become a better leader?

It is not easy – but it is WELL worth it.

If you do – you will exceed your expectations.

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Joseluis Romero - Publisher
August 4, 2014. Copyright: All rights reserved
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