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Christmas present - and Performance
December 02, 2014

Give the best Christmas present to your employees

December is here – and Christmas is fast approaching …

And together with Christmas – presents begin to inundate our attention.

IF you could give just one single present to each one of your direct reports – what present would it be?

I have a suggestion for you – a suggestion that will have a positive change on your employees’ behavior.

Yep – that’s right –

If you do it as I say – and you carefully follow my instructions, step-by-step, I guarantee you will see an impact on performance.

It’s free, it doesn’t cost you a cent – and it’s not complicated to do it.

However – it takes discipline, lots of discipline on your part. This is exactly why it is not easy to do it.

But it’s worth it.

I have talked about this before – several times.

But you need to hear it again.

You need to hear it again for the following three reasons …

First: This is one of the most effective leadership tools that exist on earth.

Second: This leadership tool is one of the most underused tools.

Third: When this leadership tool is used – it is widely misused.

This is why – if done correctly – this is one of the best gifts you can give to your employees, to your organization – and to yourself. Not only on Christmas – but all year round.

All it takes is careful planning, lots of discipline – and perseverance on your part.

So here it goes …

Commit yourself to provide “ongoing genuine positive feedback” to your direct reports.

That’s it.

However – for this leadership tool to have an impact on performance – please note the following three characteristics

FIRST: Your positive feedback must be “ongoing”

If you give positive feedback once in a while – yes, it will be nice and it will be welcomed. But your feedback won’t go any further.

Don’t wait for your employees to make a miracle happen to give them positive feedback.

Pick a KEY desired behavior – and every time you see it – praise it.

IF you do want to see a positive change on performance, give ongoing feedback.

SECOND: Your positive feedback must be “genuine”

If you give positive feedback in automatic – it will actually backfire.

For positive feedback to increase desired behavior you must truly believe what you are saying.

You must really mean it, from your heart. You must be genuine.

Otherwise – as I said – it will backfire.

THIRD: Your positive feedback must be specific.

If you say, “Hey, you did a great job” – that is not specific at all.

To be specific, you must mention both: The behavior that you observed – and the impact of such behavior.

You must describe the behavior – and its impact on results.


That’s it.

Commit yourself to provide “ongoing genuine positive feedback” to your direct reports.


If you get into the habit of providing ongoing genuine positive feedback – you will see an increase in desired behavior.

As I already said, this is probably one of the best gifts that you can give to your employees, to your organization, and to yourself – all year long. Not just on Christmas :-)

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