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Was Hitler a leader?
November 05, 2014

Why did I include him in yesterday’s names?

Many of you quite alarmed – asked me why I included Hitler on the list of leaders that I mentioned in yesterday’s Newsletter issue.

And I do see your point indeed –

Adolf Hitler was dictator of Nazi Germany – the Nazi Regime killed approximately six million Jews between 1941 and 1945 – the largest genocide of the 20th century.

Despite these atrocities – he was a leader nevertheless.

Please let me explain …

What does a leader do?

In a few words – a leader does three things …

First – s/he sets a vision and a strategy to achieve such vision.

Second – s/he clearly communicates such vision and strategy.

And third – s/he motivates to achieve such vision by satisfying basic human needs.

In essence – a leader is a driver of change – and as history has showed us, this change can be positive or negative (Hitler is an example of negative change).

In this sense – there are “positive” leaders and there are “negative” leaders – and both types ARE leaders.

And when you consider remarkable “positive” leaders and remarkable “negative” leaders – both types have a mission – and both types are passionate about what they do.

When I included the name Hitler in yesterday’s newsletter issue – my intention was to make this point.

My intention was NOT to imply that Hitler was a positive leader – far from it.

If this name created confusion – I apologize: I am sorry.

I hope this explanation here above clarifies my writing.

Thank you very much for your understanding – I really appreciate it.

Sincerely – Joseluis

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