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Are you humble?
March 05, 2013


Have you ever been in a meeting where there is an executive with an ego much bigger than the entire building where you are having your meeting?

I am referring to the type of executive who truly believes he has the most important voice in the room - who rarely listens (genuinely) to his subordinates - and who hardly recognizes his own limitations.

Do these types of executives build trust and a truly open communication environment among the people they lead? Of course not.

Usually, these executives have been promoted because they are high performers - but in the long run - they do more damage than good to the organization.

Now - let's look at the opposite side of the spectrum ...

Have you ever had the chance to work with a leader who clearly has a high level of humility?

It is true that humility in and on itself doesn't create trust in an organizational setting - but humility is another fundamental pillar in the construction of trust.

This is what I mean by humility in behavioral language …

Humility is your capacity to recognize your own mistakes - and to authentically try to learn from them.

Humility is your capacity to be aware of your own shortcomings - and the ability to use your awareness to improve such shortcomings.

Humility is your capacity to openly recognize - with the people you work with - your deficiencies and mistakes.

Humility is your ability to ask for feedback from your direct reports, from your peers, from your suppliers and clients - and from your superiors.

Humility is your capacity to genuinely listen to feedback about your mistakes and limitations - and to actually learn from such feedback.

Humility is - in this sense - a built-in human mechanism that helps you grow and develop.

However - please keep in mind that I am NOT talking about humility just to exalt it.

I am talking about humility because it helps you build trust (humility is the opposite of a huge selfish ego).


This conversation is not about being humble for the sake of it - this conversation is about results.

Humility is not only a good quality to have - humility is an essential leadership skill.

Be humble - and you will be much more likely to build trust and to create a more open communication environment.

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Jose Luis Romero - Publisher
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