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Relationship between “Hello” & Results
April 01, 2014

Do you offer a sincere “hello” to everybody in your organization?

I have observed this phenomenon everywhere - from high performing world-class / well-known organizations, all the way to mediocre companies.

What am I talking about?

I am talking about upper-level executives who don’t say “hello” to the “average” employee.

I have even witnessed situations where an employee says “hi” to a high level executive, and the executive totally ignores him – as if the employee didn’t exist – or, to put it in the words of the employee, “as if this high-ranking executive were God.”

The point I want to make here is not about the leader becoming a nice guy.

The point I want to make here is directly related to results.

Let me explain …

If you are a leader - whether you are a lower level, middle-level, or an upper-level leader - what behaviors of yours are more likely to motivate people situated in a lower hierarchical rank than you are?

When you acknowledge individual workers by their names and you give them a friendly “hello”?

Or do you think that you motivate people more when you plainly ignore them?

The answer is obvious - isn’t it?

Let me ask you the very same question - but the other way around …

How do YOU feel more motivated at work?

When leaders two, three, or more hierarchical levels above yourself, individually and genuinely acknowledge you by your name?

Or do you feel more motivated when these leaders ignore you as if you didn’t exist?

I repeat …

This is not about becoming / being a nice guy for the sake of it.

This is about motivation, this is about performance - and ultimately - this is about results.

Saying “hello” in the workplace might seem like a minuscule detail compared to all the ongoing demands, priorities, and high-stake decisions.

But there are several ingredients that - when put together - make employee motivation, commitment and engagement possible.

As a leader - you want to align all these ingredients to optimize the performance of your people.

Conclusion -

Make sure all the leaders in your organization authentically acknowledge not only the other high-ranking executives (their peers) - but also everybody else in the company.

Nobody is God around here - and even then - God is humble.

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