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What to do with a bad boss
June 04, 2013

Do you have a bad boss?

"Bad bosses" happen - sometimes.

If you are a normal human being, it is likely that you will end up once or twice in your professional lifetime - hopefully not more often than that - with a "bad" boss.

This is a statistical fact of working life.

Bad bosses come in different flavors …

Your boss may not be fair, and/or your boss may not be competent, and/or your boss may have no clue about how to manage your performance, etc.

But …

How do you feel when you lose respect for your direct supervisor?

When you perceive the person you report to - in a solid line - to be a bad boss, it is very human and understandable that you become angry, unmotivated, uncommitted, unengaged and/or sad.

However - please beware and extremely careful!

No matter how frustrated you feel - you must NOT allow your own performance to deteriorate.

Paradoxically - when you are working under the direct supervision of a bad boss, you must deliver extraordinary performance, exceed agreed-upon goals, and expand your job's horizon by including unanticipated endeavors - not only to improve your own results, but to improve your department's results as well.


Because the more you improve your performance - the faster you will get noticed in a favorable light by the rest of the organization - and the more likely it will be that you be able to make a work-related move aligned with your professional development.


Exceeding expectations is the most reliable way to get ahead.

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