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Are you alert by choice - or stressed by default?
January 07, 2014

Be alert by choice

Do you remember that my Leader Newsletter Issue from last month (published on December 3rd, 2013) was about what to do - in order to be less stressed?

In that Article (and in a nutshell) - I basically suggest to you to make a conscious decision to be alert by choice - rather than unconsciously choosing to become stressed by default (click here if you want to re-read that article).

As a result of that December Newsletter Issue - many of you wrote back to me asking me this question:

“What exactly do I need to do in order to be alert by choice?”

So many of you asked this question - that I decided to follow up and write the answer to your question in this January Article.

So here I go …

What exactly do you need to do to “be alert by choice”?

The answer to your question lies in your “attention focus.”

In order to be alert by choice - all you have to do is to be aware about your attention focus.

Where exactly are you focusing your attention in this moment? I presume that you are focusing your attention in these lines you are reading right now.

As you see, it all boils down to awareness - your awareness about your attention focus.

Are you usually aware about where exactly you focus your attention? Or - on the contrary - are you normally unaware about where you focus your attention?

In general - your answer to this question will give you clues about your ongoing awareness.

More specifically - and going back to making a conscious decision to being alert by choice....

Where is your attention focus?

Is it in your conscious decision to be alert - given your circumstances?

Or is your attention focus in the events that surround you - without your conscious realization that you are stressfully reacting to such events by default, as you usually do?

As you see – it is always your choice where you decide to focus your attention.

All it is required from you is your deliberate effort to be aware about your attention focus.


I challenge you to ask yourself this question as often as possible - and/or when you see appropriate:

“Where am I focusing my attention right now?”

Asking yourself this question in an ongoing basis will help you become alert by choice.

Ask yourself this question especially during events that you perceive as stressful - so that you will be able to make a conscious decision to be alert by choice - rather than unconsciously choosing to become stressed by default.

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See you next month!
Jose Luis Romero - Publisher
January 7, 2013. Copyright: All rights reserved
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