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Two dangerous assumptions you probably make
March 04, 2014

Have your “assumptions” cost you money?

Do you make assumptions that - later on - you regret?

Do you make assumptions that cost you time, work and/or money?

Welcome to the club!

Most of us - human beings - make assumptions without realizing we are assuming something.

The worst thing about making assumptions is that you are not even aware you are making them. For this very reason it is dangerous assuming just about anything - very dangerous.

There are many things that you may assume in your ongoing endeavors.

Here I am going to give you two very common assumptions in the workplace …

First common assumption:

Just because the recipient of your message understands you - it doesn’t necessarily mean she agrees with you.

In other words – understanding doesn’t mean agreement.

I repeat …

Understanding doesn’t mean agreement.

Simple - isn’t it?

Yet - most managers unintentionally fall into this assumption.

Second common assumption:

Just because the recipient of your message agrees with you - it doesn’t necessarily mean she will do it.

In other words – agreement doesn’t mean execution.

I repeat …

Agreement doesn’t mean execution.

Once again - it sounds simple. But this is also a very common assumption.

Most people that I know tend to assume these two things here above.

Be aware of them - and you will save time, work and/or money.


Just remember these two short - simple and powerful sentences …

1) Understanding doesn’t mean agreement.

2) Agreement doesn’t mean execution.

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