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Is stress killing you?
December 03, 2013

Do you want to get rid of stress?

If you would really like to be less stressed - read on …

Being stress-free is not about managing your stress.

I repeat - being stress-free is NOT about managing your stress.

But rather -

Being stress-free is about preventing becoming stressed in the first place.

Please allow me to explain ...

Before you get into a situation where you believe you will become stressed - make a conscious decision to becoming alert rather than becoming stressed by default.

One thing is to be alert - and another completely different thing is to be stressed.

When you are alert - you are paying close and continuous attention, you are 100 per cent present in the moment and you are fully aware.

The fact that you are alert increases the odds in your favor to improve your circumstances - because you have the alertness to do so.

However - when you are stressed - you are in a state of mental and / or emotional strain or tension, you may feel nervous, insecure, anxious, overwhelmed, etc.

The fact that you are emotionally upset when you are stressed doesn't improve your circumstances. On the contrary: it might worsen them - your feelings and emotions might potentially hinder your performance.

What really matters in a "delicate" situation is the way you behave yourself in relationship with such situation - your feelings and emotions are irrelevant.

Stress is a natural reaction to unwelcomed circumstances. But you don't live inside the dangerous jungle filled with unpleasant surprises anymore - as our ancestors did.

You live in a world filled with recurrent and routine events such as deadlines, limited budgets, meetings filled with conflict, demanding bosses, etc.

How do you prefer to perform at work - and live your life?

Do you prefer to be alert by choice? Or do you rather be stressed by default?

It is your choice -

Just practice both … being alert - and not becoming stressed by default.

Practice, practice and practice ...

If you practice enough - you will eventually start noticing the difference - big difference!

Conclusion …

Become alert by choice - and choose not to become stressed by default.

You will improve your performance, you will be healthier, and you will enjoy your life a lot more.

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Jose Luis Romero - Publisher
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