Christmas Gifts for Employees

The best Christmas gifts for employees are free, motivate your workforce, and have a tremendous impact on the bottom line.

Recognizing your employees – that is, giving them positive feedback – is one of the most important components of your compensation and rewards package (receiving recognition for achievements is a fundamental human need).

It is a fact:
Engaged employees create superior financial performance than employees who are not engaged – there are many studies about the relationship between employee engagement and results (from Towers Perrin, Watson Wyatt, Hay Group, etc.) – and positive feedback (when done right) is a powerful and effective way in creating a workforce that is engaged.

The best Christmas gifts for employees are NOT...
- Presents
- Certificates
- Or service awards at the annual Christmas party

Many business leaders and HR departments don’t know how to start planning a recognition strategy (read “they don’t know how to best give Christmas gifts for employees”) – recognition best practices are usually not a core competency.

Five General Guidelines:

First: It’s about performance

You recognition strategy must be results oriented. It is not about whom shows up at work (it is not about physical presence) – it is about performance.

Second: Pinpoint desired behaviors

Pinpoint exactly what specific behaviors you want to see more of in your employees. For example:
- Behaviors that embody your corporate core values
- Safety behaviors
- Innovation behaviors
- Etc.

Third: How to give recognition (positive feedback)

  • It must be genuine – otherwise it will backfire
  • It must be specific – focus on behavior
  • It must be immediate – within the next 24 hours
  • It must be frequent – 4:1 where four represents the number of times you provide positive feedback and one represents the number of times you give constructive feedback
  • It must be pure – don’t ever mix positive feedback with constructive feedback

    Fourth: Peer recognition

    Create a culture where employees recognize each other.

    This is not an easy task since we are not used to doing this – but the effort in building this type of culture is well worth it.

    Fifth: Public recognition

    One-to-one recognition is extremely effective when done right – but don’t stop there – make your Christmas gifts for employees “public” and make your recognition program even more powerful.


    Build your Recognition program on these best practices and you will definitely see a positive impact on your business.

    The best Christmas gifts for employees do not have to happen once a year (during Christmas time). The best Christmas gifts can be given – and should be given – throughout the entire year.

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