Basic Management Skills

Basic management skills to help you manage the performance of your direct reports.

But don’t be fooled by the word “basic” – whether you are an entry-level supervisor, or a seasoned executive, these management skills will help you lead your employees to peak performance.

In my experience working with hundreds of managers, the great majority of them didn’t know about most of these so-called basic skills.

I grouped these skills into four sections:

  • First Section: Building Blocks
  • Second Section: General Skills
  • Third Section: Communication Skills
  • Fourth Section: Specific Skills

    Because each skill is a stand-alone technique or tool, you may look at each section, and decide which skill you want to learn about.

    I never stop meeting "experienced" executives who don't know about most of this basic skills.

    Go through them, read them carefully, study them, practice them in order to master them. And when you do - you will exceed your most optimistic expectations.

    However, in order to maximize the effectiveness of this performance management model, I highly suggest you go through the first three sections in a sequential order.

    This will allow you to optimize your relationship with your direct reports, to motivate them, to improve your management skill level, and to ultimately reach your desired goals on time, on budget and with the expected quality.

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    First Section: Building Blocks

  • Performance Management Cycle
  • Definition of Performance Management
  • Performance Based Management
  • Process Theories of Motivation
  • Managerial Decision Making Process
  • Performance Management Model

    Second Section: General Skills

  • SMART Goals
  • How to give negative Feedback
  • Employee Motivation Techniques
  • Southwest Airlines Employee Motivation
  • Management vs Leadership
  • What is Delegation
  • Steps of Delegation

    Third Section: Communication Skills

  • Small Group Communication
  • Techniques for Effective Communication
  • Barriers to Effective Communication
  • Definition of Business Communication
  • Communication Exercise
  • Definition of Conflict
  • Conflict Resolution Tips

    Fourth Section: Basic Management Skills

  • Performance Appraisal Management
  • Performance Management Forms
  • Examples of Performance Management
  • Famous Leadership Quotes

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