Manager Leadership Training

Interactive Keynote Addresses,
Half Day, Full Day & Longer Programs for
Corporate Events, Association Meetings, and Conventions

For upper-level executives:

Build a Truly Sustainable Competitive Advantage

This manager leadership training program gives top-level executives and senior managers clarity and understanding about the specific-most influential leadership skills they need to master, so that they be able to maneuver a reasonable number of organizational levers – from all the levers they have available as leaders – that have the greatest possible impact on the success of their organizations.

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For managers at any level:

Boost the Performance of your Executives

Participants in this program will learn about performance management skills for their role as managers – to effectively build their direct reports’ commitment and accountability, to excel at execution, and to reach desired departmental outcomes.

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Manager Leadership Training

Please Note:

  • These programs are available as an interactive keynote address, or in half-day, full-day, or a longer format
  • I deliver both programs in English and in Spanish
  • Topics are always customized for your audience and can be combined
  • My manager leadership training programs are learner centered for maximum motivation and retention

    Value added services:

  • Two presentations for the price of one (e.g., keynote plus concurrent).
  • Multi-event or multi-year deals.
  • A complimentary Webinar.
  • A flat-rate travel fee.
  • Dialogue with the client (e.g., the executive who owns and sponsors the meeting, or the trade association executive director) to determine outcomes and my contribution to those outcomes.
  • Entertain additional conversations with intended audience members to survey their points of view, their challenges, and their areas of opportunity.
  • I am easily accessible by telephone prior to the program.
  • Write an article for the client’s in-house magazine or newsletter to reinforce the concepts of the program.
  • Supply a monthly electronic newsletter for each audience member, to keep them updated on management and leadership best practices.
  • Be available to debrief with the client in a post-session follow-up, to determine what else may be necessary (e.g., another copy of some of the visuals), what the reactions were, how well the objectives were met, etc.
  • I offer follow-up phone and/or email sessions (for selected key audience members, as part of the fee) to track and respond to real-world results.

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    Effective Leadership Characteristics

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