Leadership Training

To help you understand my leadership training and consulting services, please ask yourself this question:

“Are there any situations between my employees, that need to change in order to improve the performance of my organization?”

Think about it:

  • Do all your executives know how to manage team conflict as a creative force?
  • Do you wish your meetings were less energy drainers and more creativity boosters?
  • Do your managers know how to align your entire organization so that everyone rows in the same direction?
  • Etc.

    If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, it is likely that I might be able to help you improve the performance of your organization.

    Let me define the scope of my leadership training and consulting services in a different way:

    When you only crawl, first, you must walk before you run. If your executives don't know how to ...

  • Make the best possible strategic decision – every time
  • Build among their employees, commitment and accountability to the decisions they make
  • Maximize their decisions' execution effectiveness
  • Etc.
    ... but your executives are busy with finance, marketing, information technology, etc., then my friend, your organization is trying to run when in fact is should be trying to walk.

    Conflict management, organizational alignment, decision-making, etc., are human processes. The ensemble of human processes of your organization (e.g., day-to-day performance conversations, teamwork, trust building, employee-supervisor communication quality, performance management, hiring, etc. – the list goes on) makes up your organizational culture – the way your organization does things – the way your organization performs – the quality of management and leadership practices within your organization.

    Dysfunctional human processes make it impossible for an organization to perform at its best:

  • It doesn’t matter if you bought the latest technology on the cutting edge
  • It doesn’t matter if your corporate strategy was designed by the most expensive consulting firm on earth

    If you don’t have in place the necessary human processes – you won’t be able to exploit your technology, nor will you be able to implement your impressive strategy.

    Flawless execution won’t happen – it’s that simple. Period

    The quality of your organizational human processes – the quality of your management and leadership practices – determines the performance of your organization.

    If you would like more information about my leadership training and consulting services, please click on this link.

    Note: Depending on my clients' specific circumstances and in order to better meet their needs, I have an alliance with Dannemiller Tyson Associates (experts in large-scale organizational change, owners of the Whole-Scale® trademark), and with MetaDynamics (a specialized organization development consulting firm).

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    Leadership Training and Consulting

    Please Note:

    My leadership training and consulting services are collaborative:
    - I share my technology to increase self-sufficiency.
    - And my clients invest their resources – the client’s investment does not require additional supplies, but rather the redeployment of already existing resources.

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