Boost the Performance of your Executives

Sound performance management approaches to manage the performance of your direct reports are more and more vital in this fast paced global market where work assignment get increasingly more complex.

Yet, effective performance management is a challenge for any manager – even for seasoned executives.

Managers get paid to deliver results through the work of their employees – how they manage and lead them has a direct impact on the company's bottom line.

The role of the managers is not easy – it includes people management techniques from hiring the right talent, to retaining high performers, all the way to growing and promoting their best people – plus everything else in between:

  • Building commitment, motivation, and drive to results-driven goals
  • Guiding day-to-day clear and purposeful conversations
  • Providing skillful feedback to close performance gaps
  • Managing team conflict as a creative force
  • Making always the best strategic decisions
  • Etc.

    Whether your organization is made up of a few dozen or a few thousand employees, your company is as good as the workforce it is made out of – there is a direct relationship between the quality of your employees and the quality of your organization.

    How would your company be different if all your managers were better leaders?

    This people management techniques program gives your managers practical performance management approaches to put to use immediately, to successfully guide the performance of their direct reports – in a way that is effective for their employees, for them as direct supervisors, and for your organization as a whole.

    - Practical leadership skills for managers at any level
    - Performance management building blocks
    - Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
    - Using conflict to create breakthrough ideas
    - The role of trust in building a cohesive team
    - And more …

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    Good Leadership Skills

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