Steps of Delegation
in Management

Once you have selected a capable employee to delegate a task to, the steps of delegation in management you need to follow are clear-cut.

Preferably in a written form, explain to your direct report the project’s nature; include:

  • The relevance of the assignment – when an employee knows the importance of a given project, she feels more motivated to do a good job.
  • The work you delegate must help your employee grow – yet it must be a realistic challenge; hence, all your goals for the assignment must be SMART – see our goal setting guidelines.
  • Besides clarifying what you expect through your goals (tasks required to complete the assignment, what you want to get done, due date, etc.), make it crystal clear the performance standards you expect, and the evaluation criteria you will use at the end of the project.
  • Provide your employee both the necessary resources and the authority required to successfully complete the work.
  • Include strategically placed checkpoints throughout the entire project so that you may provide feedback in an ongoing basis.

    To guarantee clear understanding, close your conversations with a conclusion, asking your direct report to explain back to you what was said during the conversation.

    Points to remember: steps of delegation

  • Your job is to help your employee succeed, nevertheless, part of the learning and growing process is being responsible for the success or failure – make your direct report responsible for the assignment. However, because the delegated assignment is not part of the job description, the project must be treated as a temporary task with no performance appraisal consequences to the associate.
  • Let your worker know that you trust her, giving her room for independence and applying minimal supervision, but always be available to provide guidance when appropriate.
  • Keep in mind that making mistakes is part of the learning process.
  • Always give genuine praise and full credit to your employee for a job well done.

    And finally, never forget that delegation – well done – helps to grow your employees, your team, yourself, and ultimately, your entire organization.

    As you can see, the steps in delegation in management are few, but they can make a big difference in growing your team to new levels of performance.

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