Trust Issues in Relationships

Trust issues in relationships. The more trust you enjoy within a relationship, the less likely it is that you will have negative issues, and vice versa: the less trust you live within a relationship, the more likely it is that you will have negative issues within your relationship.

Whether it is a work-related, family, or friendship relationship, this same truth applies.

Why are there trust issues in relationships? There are as many reasons as there are relationships. However, it boils down to one root cause:

There are trust issues in relationships because the parties involved in the relationship are not being authentic. What do I mean by authentic? I mean showing integrity, humility, and vulnerability.

Who do you trust more?

  • Someone who has integrity (one in thought, word, and deed) or someone who doesn’t live with it?
  • Someone who is humble (willing to listen and learn) or someone who has a huge ego (not interested in listening and not willing to learn)?
  • Someone who genuinely shows you her human side (weaknesses as much as strengths, mistakes as much as triumphs, shortcomings as much as qualities) or someone who only shows you her strong suit?

    If you focus on the trust issues in relationships, you are wasting your time because the trust issues are the consequence – not the cause – of the relationship problem; in other words, you are not going to the root of the matter.

    If you care enough about the relationship in question because it is a meaningful one for you, do your part then.

    If the relationship matters to you, be authentic and be willing to build trust.

    The beauty of being authentic is that the more authentic you are within a relationship, the more you are able to genuinely perceive if the other party is being authentic with you or not.

    And if not, it is your decision if you still want to hold a meaningful relationship with such person – it is your choice.

    In a work-related situation – if you are the boss – you can build an open communication environment by building trust. And an open communication environment is the basis for excellent decision-making.

    In a family situation – if you are the parent – you can teach your children about trust and all of its benefits. Trust within a family is the foundation of a loving atmosphere.

    In a friendship and with your significant other situation, you have the choice to stay or not to stay with someone who is not willing to be authentic with you. Again: it is your choice.

    Trust issues in a relationship exist in our lives because we choose to, not because we have to.

    Authenticity is the key to opening many meaningful relationships – at work, in your family, with your friends.

    Trust issues in relationships? It is your choice – you decide.

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