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Don’t know the answer to this question? You are toast!
June 03, 2014

Are you making this mistake?

Have you ever asked a carpenter, or a plumber, or an electrician – to tell you the names of their three most important tools inside their toolbox?

If you haven’t – I invite you to do so …

And when you do, you will witness that they will assertively answer your question – telling you exactly the names of their three favorite tools – one by one.

However – ask this very same question to managers. Ask them, “What are your three most important tools inside your managerial toolkit?”

And when you do – you will discover (to your surprise) that the majority of managers won’t give you a clear and specific answer – unlike carpenters, plumbers and electricians do.

Big mistake! – Isn’t it?

Whether you are a carpenter, a manager, or a plumber – you must be aware of the tools that you have inside your toolkit, aren’t you?

Otherwise – how will you properly do your job as a professional?

Management is like any other profession in that it needs specific tools and techniques.

So – think about it …

What are YOUR three most important managerial tools / techniques inside your toolkit?

If you don’t know the answer right off the bat like carpenters and plumbers do – think about it really hard – and come up with a useful and practical answer for yourself.

However, IF – after thinking about it – you realize that there is a certain tool / technique that you would like to “own” and have inside your managerial toolkit – but you don’t know enough about it – tell me so …

Hit the “Reply” button and tell me what tool / technique you would like to learn about – and I will gladly write about it in a future newsletter issue.

So – what are YOUR most important tools / techniques inside your managerial toolkit?

Don’t know the answer?

No problem. Just push the “Reply” button and tell me what exactly you would like to learn about. It’s easy – isn’t it?

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Conclusion …

To become a better leader – provide a specific, clear and practical answer to this question:

“What are your top / most important tools / techniques inside your managerial toolkit?”

IF – in order to properly answer this question – you want to learn more about one specific tool / technique – hit the “Reply” button and tell me what it is.

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See you next month!
Joseluis Romero - Publisher
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