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What’s inside your managerial toolkit?
June 17, 2014

Do you remember?

I asked you this question two weeks ago …

“What are your three most important tools inside your managerial toolkit?”

And most of you who replied to this question – rather than answering my question – you asked me about my own opinion.

Most of you replied back – and asked me this question:

“What do YOU think are the three most important tools that a manager – any manager – should have inside her managerial toolkit?”

I didn’t answer you individually because I cannot respond to every single email – however – I did read each and every one of them.

So – this is my answer to you …

In fact – my answer is two-fold …

First – I will gladly answer your question – I will tell you what I think in the next “Leader Newsletter” issue that I will publish on July 1st – I publish this newsletter on the first Tuesday of every month.

I will tell you about the three most important tools any manager should always have inside her managerial toolkit (in my humble opinion).

And second – IF you didn’t get a chance to reply back to my previous newsletter for whatever reason – this is your opportunity to tell me what managerial tool / technique you would really like to learn about – in order to “own” it and always have it inside your managerial toolkit.

Just hit the “Reply” button and tell me what it is – and I will write about it in a future newsletter issue.

So – go ahead: I am serious and I mean it

Hit the “Reply” button and tell me what managerial tool / technique you would honestly like to learn about.

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Questions? Feedback? Reply to this Newsletter and tell me what you would like future issues to be about.

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See you next month!
Joseluis Romero - Publisher
June 17, 2013. Copyright: All rights reserved
I publish "Leader Newsletter" on the first Tuesday of every month
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