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Thank you very much for your participation
June 24, 2014

I am sorry I didn’t answer to you before

I want to thank you for responding with your comments and your answers to my question about your three most important tools inside your managerial toolkit.

While I have not been able to respond to you individually – I want to acknowledge and sincerely thank you for your participation.

I do corporate leadership development – and the amount of work that my clients are asking from me right now, has decreased my capacity to individually respond to the innumerable answers, requests and comments that I have been receiving from you.

But as promised – next Tuesday one week from today – I will get back to you and I will give you my answer to your most common question – which is:

“What I consider to be the three most important tools that managers should have inside their managerial toolkits”

Thank you VERY much again – and I will talk to you next Tuesday.

Stay tuned …


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See you next month!
Joseluis Romero - Publisher
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