In order to answer this question, let me define the meaning of intuition.

According to Webster's dictionary, intuition is:
- Quick and ready insight
- Immediate cognition
- The faculty of attaining to direct knowledge without evident rational thought and inference

This definition is well and fine, but in order to give you a practical tool that you can use in your role as a leader, the definition I highly recommend you use in organizational settings is this one:
- "Intuition is the ability to make decisions with little information"

With my definition as the background, my answer to the question "Does a leader need intuition in business?" is a resounding YES.


Two reasons:

First reason: Leaders need to make decisions without enough information all the time. If you are a leader at any level in your organization you need to make decisions - and in today's fast-paced global world, you do not always have all the information you require (information is the main ingredient in good decision-making). In other words, you must resort to your intuition, whether you like it or not.

Second reason: Your experience develops your intuition. The more experience you obtain, the better your intuition - the more experience you have, the better your ability to make good decisions with little information.

As a leader: Do you need intuition in business? Of course you do!

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November 2, 2010. Copyright: All rights reserved
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