Trust within a team is fundamental – without trust, team members lack the confidence to open up and to speak with candor.

When team members hide information and don’t speak up 100 per cent with the truth because they don’t feel comfortable doing so, not all the available information is on the table to take the best possible decisions – information is the main ingredient in strategic decision-making.

A leader can build trust by being authentic – authenticity is the result of having integrity, being humble, and being vulnerable.

Integrity – Are you one in thought, word and action within the team you lead? Do you invest your time in what you say it is important?

Humility – Do you openly admit it when you make a mistake, even if you find it difficult to do so? Do your direct reports know your weaknesses, and areas of opportunity?

Vulnerability – Do you honestly admit your limitations and your errors, and as a result of this, do all the members of the team you lead honestly admit their limitations and errors within the team? Do you identify and discuss with the team you lead your strengths and your weaknesses, and as a result of this, do all of your direct reports identify and discuss their strengths and their weaknesses within the team you lead?

Trust, integrity, humility, and vulnerability are not touchy-feely let’s hug each other kind of stuff. Rather, they are critical leadership skills that have a direct impact on the bottom line.

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Jose Luis Romero, Publisher
November 3, 2009. Copyright: All rights reserved
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