Why is Leadership first among equals?

Let us use a classical analogy: Babies need to walk first before they can run - it is very difficult if not impossible for a baby to run if she cannot even walk.

It is not that walking is more important than running - it is not a question of importance. It is a question of order - it is a question of methodology.

The same holds true for leadership.

It is not that leadership is more important than strategy, finances, marketing, etc. It is just that leadership is before.

Otherwise, if you focus your attention on finances, marketing, operations, etc., without having an effective organizational leadership in place, you will not be able to build a high performance organization - ever.

This is the main reason why so many organizations never build a truly sustainable competitive advantage.

Let me give you a simpler example of this:

If you hold a meeting that is not well designed (if you do not lead your meeting well), you will waste time, your people might not make the best decision, and you will not build much commitment to the decision made.

On the contrary, if you know how to run a meeting (if you lead your meeting effectively), you will make the best possible decision, you will build commitment to such decision, and you will do it efficiently.

It is a fact (there is a lot of research done about this) that a well-led executive team made up of average executives - is much more effective in the long run - than a bad-led executive team made up of brilliant and outstanding executives.

Leaders do not lead things, numbers, or projects; leaders lead people - leadership is the foundation, the basis, and the cause of organizational performance.

It does not matter if you have the best technology, the best products, and even the best talent. What really guarantees the long-term success of your organization is the way in which you lead it.

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June 1, 2010. Copyright: All rights reserved
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