Humor and laughter give you a strong perspective, release your tension (muscular and intellectual), and give you a sense of undeniable well-being.

However, as much as you might want to find humor at the workplace - especially during stressful times - sometimes you just cannot find it at all. So, what do you do?

Here is a practical tip:

First, be aware that humor and laughter are very different from each other. Humor is an intellectual process, whereas laughter is a physiological process.

On one hand, humor needs a reason to laugh, if you don't find anything humorous, you don't laugh. On the other hand, laughter doesn't need any reason to exist, all you do is laugh - that's it.

Laughter is the best mechanism your body has to produce endorphins - endorphins are very similar in molecular structure to morphine, except endorphins are about 200 times more potent than morphine. Endorphins kill your physical and emotional pain, and they give you a sense of euphoria - this is why people get addicted to morphine.

Now, for laughter to be your best ally, this is what you do:

Whenever you are serious about getting the benefits of laughter (getting relaxed, a sense of well-being, and a healthy perspective), laugh out loud uninterruptedly for 60 seconds, three times, and you will feel the difference - huge!

When you start, you might feel self-conscious at first, but if you insist, you will overcome it, and then you will begin to get into the rhythm of it.

You may do it alone - while you are driving, or inside a bathroom stall. Or you may agree with your team to take a laughter break once in a while.

Don't take this fact without due consideration - ignore this truth at your own risk.

Don't depend on your sense of humor - laugh at will instead.

Take your job seriously but take yourself lightly - sincerely.

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May 4, 2010. Copyright: All rights reserved
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